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CreaZon - Dark Trio by AaronThomason
CreaZon - Dark Trio
Updated version of this <da:thumb id="481581650">

Meet the main bad guys from the CreaZon series, the Dark Trio (best name I could think of on the fly ^^:)

One of them always appearing during a Darkness Strike, it would appear as though their main intent is to prevent the unification of the CreaZon Galaxy, as well as spread fear and confusion among its inhabitance. Their reasons for this are unknown, although it appears they were stop at nothing to get their way, and aren't above putting innocence in peril. 

Antimatter - while it's unknown if he can truly manipulate antimatter or not, it's a known fact that he can project explosive bursts of energy from his body. At the same time, he can absorb energy from his surroundings and concentrate it into his own physical form, causing him to increase in size and strength. (main sources of inspiration: Shriek from Batman Beyond, and Bane from The Batman)

Masquerade - true to her name, Masquerate has the ability to mimic the appearance, sounds, and even smells of any chosen person. Aside from her shape-shifting ability, she also possesses great agility, as well as a level of strength that isn't measured by her own physique. (main sources of inspiration: Mystique from the X-men, and Madame Masque from Iron Man Armored Adventures)

Dark Voice - the leader of the group, he has the ability to manipulate others just by speaking to them, and at the most extreme he can even take over their minds at such a level that he can even speak through them. He likewise seems to have a strange connection and control over the Darkness, and can utilize it as both and army and a weapon.

CreaZon and all related belong to me :iconaaronthoamson:

Characters we made using HeroMachine3…
Trade: Standing and Staring by AaronThomason
Trade: Standing and Staring
Trade with :iconsalamander-flame: of his character Chaos, an Atrumi from a comic he's creating.

While there was only one reference of the character in question, it reminded me a whole lot of that gatekeeper guy from the Thor movies, so I thought I'd give that pose a try. Hope you like it ^^;

Character belongs to 
Art was done by me :iconaaronthomason:
Trades so far:

1. :iconbrissinge: *finished*

2. :iconlancedannyf: *finished*

3. :iconsalamander-flame: *finished*

4. :iconartooinst: *in progress*

5. :iconkmdragon: *in progress*

6. :icondraconic13: *in progress*

7. :iconcupercrusader: *in progress*

On a side note, after this I probably won't be doing requests, only trades. These will also only be limited to people who have taken an interest in my stuff (meaning they would have had to have commented on more than one or two things in my gallery).

I do have reasons for setting these rules, but I'd rather not going into details about them ^^;

In the meantime I'm hurrying up with getting the rest of the pieces finished ^_^

Thank you.


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Just Aaron for now.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Things you should know:

First, and most important, I am a Christian. And if you don't bug me about it, I won't bug you about it. Thank you.

Second, while I do write a lot of fiction and fantasy, I am able to tell the difference between a story and reality; so, don't come to me saying that you've "discovered one of my worlds" or that "your characters and my characters should meet up because they've got something in common".

Third, I do not do tags. Sorry...

Fourth thing you should know is that while I do find it interesting, I may be hesitent when it comes to role-playing (rp) - due to some bad experiences I've had in the past - and so I have some rules when it comes to that. *see bellow*

Fifth, I am by no means gay; some things in my art might seem to point in that direction, but I always make sure that guys fall in love with girls and girls fall in love with guys, end of conversation.

Sixth, I don't care who you are, how long you've been on dA, or even how popular you are or think you are; Troll/Spam me, and you're blocked.

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