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Okay, what I have here is a not so major rant that has no real purpose other than to blow off steam. If there's any help to be had in this case I won't be expecting it, so it's alright if you can't ^^;

I have the Wii version of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (basically four different versions of Spider-man from alternate time-lines fighting to collect pieces of a tablet). As you may, or may not know, one of the side goals in the game is this; in each level there's a number of 'hidden spiders' in each level which you're suppose to find as a challenge.

So what's this rant about???

My issue is that in the second to last level (Ultimate Spider-Man, the boss in Carnage) I've been looking all over for these hidden spiders, even going as far as to look up their locations; several different sites, all of which point out the same exact spots in the level. I've looked in each spot, found all that I could, and yet I still have two spiders left to find. I've gone through that level three times now, while looking at the locations on my laptop, and nothing... they aren't there...

... like I said, it's an not so major issue, but it just BUGS me. I can't complete a quest/puzzle if a few of the pieces aren't there. I don't know if this is something any of you can help me with (provided you've even heard of the game, let alone played it) and so I apologies for this rant :)

Answers to questions you may have:

Q: "Why haven't you just looked up their locations?"
A: "I have looked them but, but each location I've gone to doesn't have the spider in it."

Q: "Why do you even own the Wii version of the game when you have a PS3?"
A: "Because I got the game long before I ever got a PS3. The reason I haven't replaced it it because I already had so much of it completed that I thought I'd just finish it."

Thanks for bearing with me while I go on yet another pointless rant and make a fool of myself ^_^

~ AaronT.


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Just Aaron for now.
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United States
Things you should know:

First, and most important, I am a Christian. And if you don't bug me about it, I won't bug you about it. Thank you.

Second, while I do write a lot of fiction and fantasy, I am able to tell the difference between a story and reality; so, don't come to me saying that you've "discovered one of my worlds" or that "your characters and my characters should meet up because they've got something in common".

Third, I do not do tags. Sorry...

Fourth thing you should know is that while I do find it interesting, I may be hesitent when it comes to role-playing (rp) - due to some bad experiences I've had in the past - and so I have some rules when it comes to that. *see bellow*

Fifth, I am by no means gay; some things in my art might seem to point in that direction, but I always make sure that guys fall in love with girls and girls fall in love with guys, end of conversation.

Sixth, I don't care who you are, how long you've been on dA, or even how popular you are or think you are; Troll/Spam me, and you're blocked.

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