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Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit it, I've reached a point where I'm starting to feel sick and tired of this place. Not the school, I'm having loads of fun there... it's this whole student housing arrangement that's irking me.

Let me explain.

First off, there's the building itself; when it was built, sometime in the middle of last century, it was originally used as the school before they moved to a different building, this left the place to become the 'Mansion', the male student housing building. What this comes down to is that the building is old, the plumbing is out of date, and the wifi keeps falling at the best and worst of times (won't surprise me if I have trouble posting this journal afterwards). There's about twenty (plus) guys living here, packing it a little more than the place usually can handle. Kitchen and food arrangements are atrocious, there's no oven or stove, and only two refrigerators for all of us to keep our food in; and trust me, when living with more than twenty guys, that's a challenge.

Like I said, there's more people here than the building can handle, so of course it also means the room I have is packed. Sure, there are only three of us in there, but the room itself can barely handle two, making three next to a nightmare. Then there are my roommates themselves. To put it short, they're both idiots; they've recently started into some kind of feud which for the moment involves them giving each other the silent treatment, but it's only a matter of time before it starts to grow. As for the cause of this disagreement... I'm not entirely certain what it was that caused it, both give different stories. One thing they do have in common is claiming that both have tried to make amends while the other simple puts no effort into rekindling the friendship. My conclusion? They're both idiots. 

My roommates themselves as people aren't really that bad, but it is enough to be noticeable if you're just meeting them in passing. One (no names) is almost completely clueless, usually asking the same question for how to do something over and over within the same minute, especially after being explained in full detail how it should be done. I know when it comes to being forgetful I have no room to argue, but at the very least I don't spend days - if not weeks - brooding over how someone "wronged" me when in fact all they did was point out how to improve my artwork. The other roommate is just as bad, but for different reasons. First, his is both an intellect and obsessed with Magic the Gathering. For the record, I have no problems with the card game, but when it's practically shoved down my throat on a daily basis it starts to become tiresome. Like I said, he's pretty smart, but he seems to have exchanged that for common sense; he'll say something that he'll consider a complement or a random observation when it turns out to be insulting to whoever he's talking to, and worst of all he won't get it until it's been explained to him in full, microscopic detail. If it were just those I wouldn't mind, but he also has problems with me snoring and has woken me about a hundred times already yelling at me to stop snoring. And yes, I've tried ever conventional and several unconventional methods to prevent myself from snoring, but each one only lasts a short while before I'm back to snoring. The all-nighters I've pulled to get a project done are one thing, but when I can't sleep and start to fall behind on school work because I have to appease the wants and desires of my stupid roommate??? That's it, I'm through.

Tomorrow, I'm going to call up and have a serious conversation with my parents about leaving the Mansion house... of course this also means that I'd have to also leave the school because an apparent as out of the question right now. But at this point I care very little to none at all. If I have to get a job and not come back until I can pay for it myself, then so be it.


sorry for the disturbance and thank you for listening to this ramble... I'll try to update in the afternoon sometime and give you the update... until then



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Things you should know:

First, and most important, I am a Christian. And if you don't bug me about it, I won't bug you about it. Thank you.

Second, while I do write a lot of fiction and fantasy, I am able to tell the difference between a story and reality; so, don't come to me saying that you've "discovered one of my worlds" or that "your characters and my characters should meet up because they've got something in common".

Third, I do not do tags. Sorry...

Fourth thing you should know is that while I do find it interesting, I may be hesitent when it comes to role-playing (rp) - due to some bad experiences I've had in the past - and so I have some rules when it comes to that. *see bellow*

Fifth, I am by no means gay; some things in my art might seem to point in that direction, but I always make sure that guys fall in love with girls and girls fall in love with guys, end of conversation.

Sixth, I don't care who you are, how long you've been on dA, or even how popular you are or think you are; Troll/Spam me, and you're blocked.

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