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I returned from the Mexico trip a few weeks ago and should have posted a journal then... but due to internet issues and my own stubborn procrastinativeness (I looked it up, and apparently it really is a word :nod:) that got delayed. Now I'm leaving in the morning on yet another trip in so short a time and feel that I should at least go over when went down in Mexico:

First off, as I've said before, this wasn't a vacation; it was a missions trip with the church I'm currently part of to go and help fix up a children's shelter that some missionaries (a husband and wife team) owned. At first I kept picturing us driving out into some jungle somewhere to work on the skeletal remains of a two-story building... boy was I wrong (wrong part of Mexico for jungles too XD).

As it turned out, the building in question was more or less in pretty good shape - for Mexico standards - and was right on the property next to the missionaries' home; in fact it was the very building we slept in during the night, not so bad except for how warm it was - and that first night when the people across the street apparently were having a party of some kind with loud music and even some flashing green lights (a high walled compound of some kind, but that's another story).

Anyway, we didn't being work that first day after arriving; it was Sunday, so we went and sat through a service at a local church there. It was all in Spanish, but there were people there to translate for us ^_^. The day after was when the work on the building began; it wasn't anything major, just some basic repair work, with some rewiring for the lights and even building a more stable roof and ceiling. The hardest part of the whole thing was when the toilet and shower began to back up the second night there. We learned that, when they had first moved in, the missionaries had found a covered hole in the yard and their lady who sold them the property told them it was a apart water hole for the house next to us, which was abandoned (no, not the house with the high walls and music XD), so they filled it in without a second thought. Turns out, it was the septic tank for the children's shelter - whoops!!!

A majority of the next day was spent digging it out and then getting water flowing again - all in all, rather crappy work ;)

I personally couldn't do much to help during the whole time, limited skills with carpentry and wiring, so I'd mainly gone as an extra set of hands. The help I could lend, a lot more than I'd thought to begin with, was a tremendous help to the team, and we got work done sooner than we had anticipated.

Some other things I feel worth mentioning are the highlights of the trip:

One, on our way back home we had to go through customs. I'm no stranger to flying and having a layover at an airport, but this was a first for me - having to recheck in our bags and answering questions may not have seemed all that exciting, but I rather enjoyed it XD

Second, and by far the best part of the trip, was the cooking the missionary's wife did while we stayed there. She cooked and set up three meals for us a day, and it was all delicious. The restaurant we were taken to the last night we were there paled in comparison, though it was a good and new experience as well (an authentic Mexican restaurant in Mexico?! Wow! XD).

All in all I'd have to say it was a well worth-while trip.... though probably the last missions trip I'll take for a while ^^;

Now for this next one:

It isn't as big as the Mexico trip, only three days, two of which I'll be traveling during most of them. I'll be flying up north to Pennsylvania, where my dad will pick me up and drive me to an open house taking place at the Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art this Saturday. It's a school I'll be trying to get into this fall, which is kinda the reason I've not been very active on the site much (working on my portfolio). We'll be given a tour, a look at some of the classes, student housing if that interests us, and then I'll be returning the next day. I'll be sure to let you know right away how that trip went when I do get back :D

Anyway, gotta go to bed now, getting up early in the morning.

Talk to you next week,

~ AaronT. 


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Third, I do not do tags. Sorry...

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Sixth, I don't care who you are, how long you've been on dA, or even how popular you are or think you are; Troll/Spam me, and you're blocked.

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